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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Miami

This method has the advantage that it allows a person to learn it even at a young age as long as proper training is provided and the opportunity for certification opens. However, many would argue against this since LSS was just introduced to students in comparison to its use in manufacturing. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Miami High School Students of Florida, our team has been working with students of various ages and public schools to show them how they can reap the many benefits of Lean Six Sigma based on their growth and how it helps institutions even.

First, it is important to understand that the Six Sigma methodology can only be implemented by a practitioner. This will allow you to reap the benefits of continuous growth, process improvement, waste reduction, and solving problems after identifying them. 

Thus, a person who is trained in Six Sigma will reap the greatest benefits and be an asset to any company or industry.

Remember that, regardless of how well a student does in school and what high school they attend, many students do not get practical experience or real-life experiences.

Our experience and opinion are that a great school should be able to think for its best interests. Every school, school board, and educational institution should have a Sigma program as a result since this will allow students to learn valuable tools that can enhance their education and give them an edge in the workplace.

It’s natural to offer them more options and tools to help them get credit and realize their potential. If you do not have this knowledge, don’t wait for your school to open a program that, sometimes, won’t even come.

It may seem daunting to find Lean 6 Sigma training. However, we will assist you and welcome all students and individuals.

Based on your belt level and the program outline that you choose to follow, information will be provided. Overall, we review the basics to ensure full compliance. You can modify the details based on your projects and goals, and our team may add additional skills and teachings.

High school students and school boards are welcome to join our program. We’d love to help all students and set the foundations of Sigma.

What Will Your or Your Students Learn?

Students and institutions will need to decide whether or not they want to obtain the advanced belt or determine which ones are the levels that are going to be available. Based on this, the outline and courses can change as needed.

The yellow and green belts, in this case, are the only ones they can access for two reasons:

  • Black belts can be permanent or future positions that require an individual to have some experience with the implementation of the methodology.
  • It is essential to understand the process and learn valuable skills that will assist students in meeting their individual needs. Individuals can achieve their career goals by completing yellow belt or green belt training.
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Because it covers the core of the methodology, some companies prefer to focus on the yellow belt and don’t even consider the green one. However, for students, we recommend they consider a green belt if they are looking to gain an edge or scale and after they have completed the yellow one.

Many people don’t know that a green belt is only available after you have been certified and trained in a yellow belt. You must still follow the first one, and then you can expand your knowledge based on your goals and needs.

This is what most people learn from our training to give you an idea.

  • The yellow belt’s goal is to help them understand their responsibilities and how to manage them. It is all about helping them improve their work habits and organize the important topics Six Signa covers.
  • Can green belts handle large-scale projects? This belt level covers the basics of Sigma and all they need to manage important roles, as they will be responsible for more than just data analysis.

Get Certified as a Student

If students have successfully completed the course or training, they should be eligible to become certified. What if they are not yet certified after being trained? To verify their eligibility and knowledge, we offer them the opportunity to take the exam just like the rest of our trainees would be allowed to.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Miami is here to offer several solutions and ensure that all students and schools are able to reap all benefits from this methodology, starting with training and ending in certification.